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Wonder wisdom’s eyes and heart.

No need for words. In fact, words get in the way. Be quiet. Be still. Just allow – allow heart to open, eyes to gentle and joy to gift your inner self.

I was sitting at the desk in the Nudgee College Board room earlier this week getting ready for a meeting when I looked up. I looked up to the far horizon with the sun setting over the distant Brisbane ranges – beautiful and brilliant – every shade of orange and gold, yellow and everything in between. Wow! The beauty took my breath way. I found myself captured in a small moment of wonder. I turned to my friend Luke who had also arrived early for the meeting, “Check out the sunset!” His reply, “Why do you think I always sit on this side of the room!”

At present my Zygo Cactus are in beautiful flower. I have pink, orange, red, white and some a blend of colours. They are magnificent. They capture my eye. They cause me to pause. They do nothing but gift beauty – that is their job.

It was Socrates who once said, “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom!” The person who can wonder is reflective. The person who can wonder is not ego driven. The person who can wonder has room for beauty. The person who can wonder see beyond the surface to beauty, kindness and goodness. It is so important in our busy lives we make room for wonder. Wonder is a choice. it is a choice to be more deeply in the present moment. It is a choice to allow the present moment to truly gift you. But it requires space and silence, humility and grace, and the slowing down of mind and heart. Wonder comes from a mind set and a heart set of love and joy, acceptance and goodness.

The beauty of a flower – the fresh bud – the colony of ants hard at work – the pink of a sunrise or sunset. The early morning beach walk – the freshness of the morning air – the waves begging to be surfed before the wind dances with their tops. The view from the mountain top – the gurgle and giggle of the small child – the life scared skin of the elderly loved one holding your hand – oh so gently. The energy and passion of the playing child – the often asked ‘why’ of the child – the romance still loving partner who has never grown tired of your love nor theirs. The glorious cry of the butcher bird – the birth of a child – the look down the aisle to the loved one. The fog covered valley – the hot drink at the end of a long day of hiking – the hug of a loved one. The stillness before dawn – those first pink colours gracing the horizon – the star covered sky when our camping. The simple gesture that says ‘love’ – the feeling of belonging and acceptance – that sense of being home.

Wonder brings perspective. Wonder gifts beyond the rational mind. Wonder calms anxiety. Wonder takes you out of yourself. Wonder asked nothing in return. Wonder is majestic in its simplicity. Wonder long for our invitation.

Make space for wonder. Work on your eyes! Slow down, look around, wonder will surprise you, sometimes initially in disguise. And don’t just wait for holidays – to make wonder a part of your life. It, like breath, like sparking water, beauty and awe – are all around and are food for the soul. Make each day – a wonder aware day. Tomorrow – stand still, look around, open yourself to being surprised by beauty and life in the most simplest of things! That’s wonder!

5 thoughts on “Wonder wisdom’s eyes and heart.”

  1. Good morning Damien. Those beautiful gifts that just arrive for us. Your sunset was my sunrise here waking up on my first morning in my now forever home. Here was the glorious red and it’s shades glowing through the tall pines as I basked in its beauty and finally it’s warmth.
    ‘ God is good ‘ .🙏

  2. Inspirational as usual, Damien. The photos also are outstanding. Keep up the good work, my friend. Blessings

  3. A perfect post after a staff day at the gardens Damien. Thankyou!
    Resonates deeply with my own experience of awe

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