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Two Word Wisdom 2

Have courage – this too will pass.

Be kind – it will gentle your heart.

Forgive self – the hardest but most freeing of battles.

Dream big – we need you.

Stand tall – you truly are beautiful.

Face fear – the facing will liberate you.

Try again – the only path to success.

One step – where all great journeys begin.

Big hugs – loved beyond words.

Laugh aloud – who cares who’s watching.

Smile inside – the seed of peace and joy.

Gentle outside – a invitation to healing.

Dance wildly – they will stand in awe.

Baby steps – you’re going forward.

Day off – we come back renewed.

Talk less – trust your presence.

Listen more – the wisdom of others.

Risk adventure – a memory filled ageing.

Welcome strangers – the friend you haven’t met yet.

Hold lightly – gifting perspective.

Soft eyes – invite the other in.

Live now – there is no tomorrow.

Act justly – the doorway to true encounter.

Love tenderly – food for your spirit.

My friend – they and your heart long to hear it.

Forgive often – it softens and liberates.

Walk beside – is there any other way?

Withhold judgment – the birthplace of wisdom.

Trust love – a light in the darkness.

Snuggle tight – loves arms wrapped.

Be true – you will stand tall.

Be authentic – Of Captain my captain.

Be honest – proud of the face in the mirror.

Be you – the ultimate success story.

Reach out – as you give, you receive.

Love passionately – holding nothing back.

Open hands – welcome and be.

Open heart – the place of growth.

Choose humility – a true leader you’ll be.

Risk relationship – no person is an island.

Pain teaches – if only we listen to it.

Dig deep – to a power you did not know you had.

Five seconds – the window of choice to be my best me.

Cling less – to power and possessions and hug people more.

Plant seeds – the giver of shade for the future.

North Star – that guide that only your eyes see.

Aim high – stretch yourself to your very best.

Embrace difference – any coat of many colours brightens our world.

Wash feet – he got up from table, taking basin and towel.

No regrets – the best T Shirt.

Hand up – the best way to be of service.

Open minds – creates a fairer world for all.

Have respect – honouring the dignity of all.

Much love – can never be too much love.

Dance wildly – those watching will be in awe (though they won’t admit it).

Be inclusive – we really are one family.

Respect diversity – every colour makes the rainbow.

Love hurts – yes, but the pain is worth it.

Respect often – it becomes your way of being.

Be kind – the kindness will come back to you.

Help others – and in giving you will receive.

Earn respect – then it is true and worthy.

Live well – we won’t come this way again.

One of the greatest things as person can do is to plant a seed that will one day grow to be a great tree that will give shade to people they have never known.

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