The following testimonials are reflections shared by participants of an Encounter the Heart program.

Encounter the Heart facilitated by Br Price is poignant, deeply spiritual, awakening and engaging. Br Damien presented a 3 hour twilight in Term 4 at the end of the day and all were engaged as we experienced the concept of ‘guest’ and what that means for us in our vocation as teachers. I experienced so many ‘ah ha’ moments. Gratitude to Br Damien for his wisdom, for bringing the Edmund Rice story to life and for prompting us to reflect deeply on the impact we have.

Lisa – Clairvaux MacKillop College, Brisbane

Br Price’s ability to bring a strong focus on community and personal beliefs and link them to everyday practice is powerful, and he does it in an engaging and interesting presentation.

Andrew – Head of Faculty, St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

I have worked in and out of Christian Brothers associated schools for a number of years and heard the stories and history of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Brothers. Brother Damien brings to life the spirit of Edmund Rice. His pedagogy of passing on the stories communicated the animating spirit of Christ and his Gospel showing how it was and is alive in Edmund’s and the Brothers’ ministry.

Daniel – MacKillop College, Hobart

A passionate educator who courageously throws his whole self into every phase of the workshop.

Nataleen – Head of Faculty – St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

Brother Damien Price provided an opportunity for the staff of St Ursula’s College to relate to the message of Jesus in a very personal way. Using story and movement, staff deepened their understanding of the compassion shown by Jesus and were able to connect this to the Ursuline charism and our role as educators in today’s world. This day had a profound impact and staff continue to talk positively about the experience.

Mary – St Ursula’s College

Brother Price explained the concept of ‘guest’ in our educational context succinctly and in a way that made his presentation both entertaining and informative.

Sophia – Head of Faculty – St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

Damien Price is a skilled and passionate facilitator who brings a contagious energy to his work. It has been a pleasure to work with him through the formation of our College Leadership and Pastoral Teams and our Student Leadership Program. I am grateful for the wisdom Damien has brought to our staff and students and highly recommend him.

Shannon – St Edmund’s College, Ipswich

Brother Damien Price presented one of the most memorable PD events I have ever attended. He relayed complex philosophical ideas simplified in an engaging way. His personalisation of the presentation to the legacy of Saint Mary MacKillop and Blessed Edmund Rice left a last impression on my heart and will undoubtedly influence my practice as a teacher working within Catholic schools.

Justine – Clairvaux MacKillop College – Brisbane

Br Damien has a wonderful energy and passion for the work we all do. A great reminder of what it means to provide a “liberating education”.

Donna – Head of Faculty – St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

Br Damien delivered purposeful and meaningful opportunities for staff formation through the lens of the Edmund Rice Tradition. Damien used theological frameworks that were understood by all staff members. Damien’s humour and gentle approach paired with his ability to engage all staff in different activities made this workshop relevant and valuable for the year ahead.

Niamh – St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon

Great workshop that reminds us of our ‘why’. Damien you are as engaging now as you were when we were half our age!

Peter – Head of Faculty – St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

Damien Price was a great presenter and adapted his teaching to our needs. We were able to appreciate the qualities and talents of each individual first, before we worked on how to be a team. Overall, a great day and I know the team will be stronger for it.

Ben – St Edmund’s College, Ipswich

Damien presents a workshop that presents information while storytelling. He is very enjoyable to listen to.

Jacqueline – Head of Faculty – St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

I really appreciated Damien’s relational skills. He presented content in an engaging and interesting way, and worked really hard to develop a rapport with the staff even in such a short time span.

Katie – Head of Faculty – St Laurence’s College, Brisbane

Br Damien’s professional development to the leadership team of St Brendan’s College was second to none. His calming presence and humorous, yet professional reflections were relevant, timely and affirming. Not only did he do tremendous justice to the Edmund Rice story, his personalisation of the delivery was the foundation to connection. His program gave us both professional and personal insights and guided us back to the core principals of what we are about as an EREA community.

Shane – College Leadership Team – St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon

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