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Seed and sandal, trusting the dreamer within

Flicker, a bare flicker, hope, fragile hope

Love, sandal born in pauper, prince, peasant – but still a flicker, however fragile.

Seeds in soil, hidden, barely seen unless looked for,

but there, oh so small, so fragile

seeds, waiting for the hope whisper to birth and born

risking beyond seed to the day, beyond the dark,

the light of day and seasons and vulnerable shoot

but this was what the soil was for, the darkness gifted and the whisper called forth.

Future, future beyond your sandal and your feet – for paths other feet, other sandals will trod.

Trod in search, for all is a searching, for home, for meaning, love and kindness, searching for dreamer and love and friend in all, whether they know it or not.

Soil and seed, sandals and feet for a birth and a birth rite beyond the fear, the safety of soil and darkness, yesterday’s dreams and answers, searching, longing, yearning for that which seed was born for;

love, life, cycle and journey of death and dying, birth and rising – the cycle that we are and always will be – if we but dare to trust our dream!

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