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Recipe for Life

Reach for a large mixing bowl – we call it life.

Get your ingredients ready.

Break up kindness into small pieces – each doable, real and in-front of your eyes

Melt away the hardened heart and soften all with acceptance

Pour in lots of gratitude and appreciation – you can never have too much

Stir vigorously with humour, presence and story

Cover with forgiveness, compassion, prayer and silence

Sift out regret, comparison and greed – assign them to the compost bin

A pinch of courage – the greatest victory is born from such a pinch

A dash of openness to learn

A tablespoon of listening – in fact, make it three, never too much listening

A daily teaspoon of dreaming, passion and risk

A sprinkle of the ordinary and the everyday – too many chefs’ focus on the fancy and tinsel when one cannot better the love touched, home cooked meal

Mix together with some common sense, patience (with self and other) and fun

A cup of awe, beauty and creativity – in whatever form yours takes

Add a little time wasted, pottering about, doing little and doing nothing

Wrap all in humility – gently, for “there but for the grace of God goeth I”

Like leaven – never bake without forgiveness

Bake in the oven of life’s journey with its ups and downs, its goods times and its not so good times

Serve generously and often – serve with a good wine and a good story

Serve to those you love and to yourself and always – yes always – as the prophets did of old – leave a place at the table for those who have nothing or the stranger who will always knock on our life’s door!

2 thoughts on “Recipe for Life”

  1. One of your more meaningful Blogs Brother Damien. I’ve shared it with many. 🙏I attended your Lenten Mission at OLR Caloundra.

    1. Dear Cathy, Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, my mother Zena was an extraordinary woman and her recipe book was a great way for her to connect with people, to share recipes and wisdom and build a sense of community. I hope the OLR mini-mission was of some help. God bless for a wonderful Easter. Br Damien

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