Other Resources


In the following section we find some basic resources centred on forgiveness. As Fr Jim McManus cssr says, “Forgiveness is at the heart of the Gospel!”

The article above, ‘The Healing Power of Forgiveness’ is from the work of Scottish Redemptorist priest, Fr Jim McManus. In this powerful article Fr Jim breaks open what forgiveness is and what it is not. True forgiveness has great power to heal and to ‘free’ and to transform. This article is an excellent resource for all of us for we are all in need of healing.

Examination of Conscience

The link above is to an Examination of Conscience. It was written to be used by young adults preparing them for the Sacrament of Penance. It begins with the key Scripture about love of God, neighbour and self. It then invites us to ‘see ourselves as God sees us!’ This is then followed by a series of questions aimed at inviting the penitent to become more aware of where and how they have failed in love. The Examination of Conscience then addresses just what forgiveness is and its power. The examine concludes with a simple way of ‘being’ on the forgiveness journey in your everyday. The Rosies prayer, “O Jesus, make our hearts so human ….!” concludes the Examination of Conscience. This resource may be of use with adolescents and young adults.

Forgiveness is a sacred journey – but one which we do not walk alone. Our God of total and unconditional love walks beside us and lives within us.