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Love lives

The voice whispers, courage –

Another, no, it is too dark!

The voice whispers, one-step –

Weary bones ache, too far.

The voice whispers, love

A cynic mocks the whisper.

The voice whispers, reach out

Arms grow heavy, safe and by the side.

The voice whispers, light –

Darkness gathers fear.

The voice whispers, hope –

The pilgrim nods – Yes!

Listen to Your whisper,

Trust your heart to its longing

You do not walk alone!

The Risen One walks with you!

He lives

Love lives

Forgiveness conquers hatred

Generosity conquers greed

Peace outlives war

Love conquers darkness

and there is hope, always hope –

born in the humble heart.

He lives

Love lives

And we, in our ordinariness,

in our simple faith and simple trust

Become Love’s eyes, love’s ears,

Love’s hands and feet

Love’s heart for a beautiful

yet broken world.

Yes, love lives!

Easter 2022

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