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Light conquering darkness giving hope to all.

He is Risen Indeed, and alleluia is our song.

Deep within a small flame flickers – it whispers ‘hope’, it whispers ‘don’t give up’, it whispers ‘reach out’ – ‘forgive’ – ‘accept’ – it whispers ‘love’! That small flame, that whisper is more powerful than the mightiest of armies – more powerful than all the walls of hate and rejection – more powerful than bank accounts in the billions and the tyranny of the oppressor. That small voice, that small flame mocks power over by its mere smallness – its fragility is its power, its ordinariness its greatest weapon and its foot soldier the simple but love touched heart.

Nice words but look for that smallness, that fragility, that ordinariness and that foot soldier in the one who takes off an outer garment and washes feet. Look for the twinkle in the eye, the bounce in the step, and quickening heart of the fear paralysed disciple who thought him dead and all hope gone – and now discover ‘him’ anew, alive and within them. He is Risen Indeed! What does that mean? Light where before there was only darkness – hope where before that was doubt – joy where there was only fear and hope – ever hope that love will and will always conquer all.

He lives – he lives in the one who reaches out to forgive. He lives in the one who washes feet of elderly and orphan, crying child and broken spirit. He lives in the tingle of energy to begin again, hope again, start again and put one step forward after another on love’s sacred journey. He lives – as hated is faced with the healing arms of compassion. He lives – as labels of ‘other’ and ‘enemy’ and ‘lesser than’ are broken open by story shared and shoes walked in. He lives – as the ordinary and the simple, the vulnerable and the vagabond face with quiet courage and steely determination the unjust and the arrogant, the fear monger and the greed embracing pauper in King’s clothing. He lives – and is at home in the most sacred of dwelling places – the love touched heart. He lives and is ultimately free in a freedom that can never be conquered – in the eyes and ears, the feet and hands and heart of love.

He is love. He is joy. He is peace. He is hope. This Easter and always may each of us know deep within and in the most intimate of ways the joy, the peace, the love and hope that the Risen Christ brings. Feel that energy all around – “doubt no longer” but believe that love will always conquer fear, light darkness, forgiveness anger and hope – always hope will conquer all that seeks to rob us of our noble birthright as sons and daughters of a totally and unconditionally loving God!

Happy Easter!

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