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The resources outlines in this section are linked to the Edmund Rice story. They are shared on this web-site in the hope that they will support people inspired by the Edmund charism to more effectively share that inspiration. The ultimate goal is oneness with God, with the mystery we call God. One of the resources is titled, ‘The Jesus that Edmund knew and loved!’ This resource was produced to balance the perception that the story begins and ends with Edmund Rice. It was the person and the Gospel of Jesus that inspired Edmund to do all that he did and be all that he could be. Charism is like one face of a diamond. The diamond is God, is Jesus – and each charism is NOT the diamond but merely a window into it.

Edmund Rice Role Play

Edmund Rice Role Play

The role play attached is a figment of imagination. There are many things we do not know about Edmund Rice historically. This role play would normally take the form of the participants moving in a group around the grounds of a venue (retreat centre etc) and the characters reading out sections as they go. The aim of this experience is to help participants get into Edmund’s shoes and understand him and what motivated him.

Let the boat sail free

Let the Boat sail free – Philip Pinto

In this paper Br Philip Pinto talks about the spirituality of the Edmund Rice Movement. The charism of any Religious Order should not and can not be the prerogative of the members of the Order themselves. Any ‘charism’ or insight into the Gospel will find its full expression when embraced by all those called by the Spirit to bring about the reign of God through the particular lens of a charism.

A God who calls beyond


In this quite challenging paper Br Philip Pinto invites us all to reflect on the crisis facing faith and Religion at this time. Br Pinto reminds us that God is not silent nor absent but rather we are so caught up in rituals and mantras that are dead we are not hearing nor aware. We are called to fall in love anew with the God beyond all names.

Out of darkness colour breaks

Out of Darkness

In this short reflection Br Philip Pinto challenges us to imagine a world and a Religious Life where we took God and the Gospel seriously. Radical inclusion, radical acceptance, radical generosity and giving, radical forgiveness and radical love!

A world moving beyond borders.

A world moving beyond borders

In this reflection Br Philip Pinto brings together a series of quotations and poems that reflect the movement of the Spirit at this time in history. Business as usual just does not work anymore for people longing to be faithful to their hearts!

Quotations from Edmund Rice

The file below contains some quotations from Blessed Edmund Rice. Edmund was a practical business man. Unlike many other founders of Religious Congregations Edmund did not write a great deal. But the little we do have of his writings says much about his heart and his profound trust in God. Quotations from Edmund Rice