Conscious Awareness


Can you leave that which is ‘essential’ and attend to that which is ‘important’? We’ve all heard the story of the Scottish University Professor with… Read More »Rocks

R U Ok

Over recent years we have heard the question, “Are you OK?” asked more and more. This simple question has become the centrepiece of media campaigns… Read More »R U Ok


It was a rainy Brisbane Summer’s night: a Friday. Rainy really isn’t the right word. It was bucketing down and Damien was in one of… Read More »Fidelity


From a very young age, probably around eight, I knew that the SAS motto was ‘Who Dares Wins!’ As small boys my brother Tony and… Read More »Motto


Brisbane has just had massive flooding. Like the proverbial Noah’s Ark flood it has appeared to rain for forty days and nights. While out walking,… Read More »Zena